I have an incredible son, Ryan, who proudly served his country in Afghanistan. When I realized he was going to be that far away, I decided to write a song to help my family and me cope with the incredible separation. I knew I had to stay strong.

While many people said we need to support our troops, others were saying we had no business being there. I was struggling with that because Ryan had a mission and job to do and he was committed to getting that job done.  It was my job as his mom to make sure he knew I supported his job. It didn’t matter whether I thought we should be there or not – that was secondary.

I wrote the song while I was traveling on business. It was one of those moments where I was wrestling with my feelings about the separation. I ended up pulling over to the side of the road. All of the words just came out in a rush. It was almost a spiritual thing. It felt like someone else was writing this down concisely about what it felt like to be a soldier’s mom. When I got home I put it to music.

Ryan shared this song with other soldiers while he was serving in Afghanistan. I continue to sing and share this song with everyone, particularly soldiers’ moms who are struggling with the same issues. I really want it to provide the same kind of comfort it provided for my family and me.

Ryan is home now. He served his country and we’re so proud of him for following through and staying safe.

Our incredible son proudly served his country in the Middle East. When I realized he was going to be that far away in harm’s way, I decided to write a song to help ease our fears and help us cope with the separation. This song reminded us every day of his sacrifice and our commitment to support him, our brave troops, and their families.